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Mulch 2 Go, LLC
1060 Beaumont Ave. 

Harrodsburg, Ky 40330

Tel: 859-715-7575

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1. How big is a scoop of Mulch?

Answer: Our mulch scoop is a full Yard (many sell with a smaller scoop, just make sure how big their scoop is.)

2. How much will a scoop of rock cover?

Answer: Each scoop covers approx 60-70 Sq ft 2-3" deep, The rock is a smaller bucket then the our mulch bucket because of the weight.

3. How much rock will my truck hold?

Answer: each rocks weight is different, generally 1/2 ton pickups can only handle 1 scoop  (because of weight)

4. Do you use a tractor bucket or Skid steer bucket?

Answer: Not sure about this question, Since There are many sizes of tractor and skid steer buckets, 

5. Can you load a scoop on my truck or trailer?

Answer: Yes we will load your truck or trailer on site.

6. Do you have bagged mulch?

Answer: Yes we carry bagged mulch, Rock and many other bagged items, We bag our mulch fresh daily, unlike the water logged pallets at big box stores.

7. Do you carry Pool Sand?

Answer: Yes we carry mortar/ play sand, which is also used for swimming pools

8.Whats the best mulch for plants?

Answer: All natural bark mulch gives nutrients to the plants, most of the bagged mulch from big box stores Contain Toxic mulch materials. Shredded pallets, biproducts, recycled wood chips, but have the potential for harm to plants.

9. Do you carry Rubber Mulch?

Answer: No we don't, many of these rubber mulches carry toxic chemicals

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